Trailer: Encounters at the End of the World

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Here’s our first look (Or my first look at least. I guess I shouldn’t speak on your behalf.) at the latest Herzog doc ‘Encounters at the End of the World’. The film made its festival run last year and ended up getting distribution through THINKFilm and Discovery Films. I was wondering if the whole THINKFilm fiasco would effect its release, but it looks like everything is going as planned. After watching the trailer, I’m excited for some classic Herzog. Stark imagery: check. Herzog narration: check. Crazy throat singing soundtrack: check. Also, fans of Herzog’s Wild Blue Yonder will appreciate the return to Blue Yonder, the uninhabitable planet with an unusual frozen atmosphere. (Probably have to see the film for this connection.) Overall, I’m pretty damned excited. For more info, visit the films official website, and be sure to check out the trailer below or click away to the larger prettier version over at Yahoo Movies.