Hell’s Angels, Harry Potter, Herzog and Morris.

hellsangels.jpgThe longer I get away from blogging, the less likely it seems I return to it. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy as of late, so I haven’t been entirely faithful to my new years resolution of more posts here at The Documentary Blog. However, I think my excuse is less my busy schedule, but rather the fact that I really am not a natural born blogger. I guess I enjoy watching movies more than blogging about them. Sean recently suggested a good idea; group three or four news stories together into one giant post once or twice a week. I think I might give that a go for a while, see how it turns out. I’m also going to try and get back to posting more trailers and video clips and trying to get to some more reviews. Good thing I’m not getting paid to do this!

So here’s some interesting tidbits for you to chew on:

Werner Herzog in conversation with Errol Morris

A great interview posted at the Believer in which Herzog and Morris bury the hatchet, analyze eachothers work and discuss some unfinished projects.

A clip from Errol Morris’ Vernon, Florida

A clip from Les Blank’s ‘Burden of Dreams’ in which Herzog discusses the obscenity of the jungle.

Hell’s Angel’s Plotted to Assassinate Mic Jagger?

Not that surprising. What is surprising is the fact that they decided to attack by sea, resulting in a capsized boat. I remember listening to the Gimme Shelter commentary track in which Albert Maysles talks about their brush with the Angels and their attempt to intimidate them into dropping the infamous knife fight footage from the film. Obviously they were unsuccessful.Harry Potter Documentary ‘We Are Wizards’ Premeire’s at SXSW

I don’t know if I care enough about Harry Potter to even laugh at others that do. However, this films seems well shot and it looks as though it focuses more on fan art/films/music and how fans connect with things they love. Could be interesting.


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