This American Life Coming to DVD

thisamericanlife.jpgOne of my favourite television shows (and one of the only radio shows I listen to on a semi regular basis) is coming to DVD this month. This American Life made the jump from the public radio airwaves to the Showtime cable network this past year, and I must say it totally blew me away. I had every episode recorded on my PVR for the longest time until I eventually ran out of space and was forced to delete them. (Cops and American Gladiators are killing me.) Luckily, now I can own the entire six episode season on DVD! According to TV Shows On, the first season will be available January 29th, but there’s a bit of a catch. Apparently the release is exclusive to the Borders chain, with Ira Glass making some signing appearances in the near future. I guess I’ll just have to order mine online. For those of you who haven’t check out either the TV or radio show, you must! I demand it!