Albert Maysles Working on Fall Out Boy Documentary. Wait…What?

01-fallout-boy-present-400a032207.jpgThe Maysles rockumentary legacy is a force to be reckoned with. A sprawling document of some of the greatest rock bands in modern music history. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones…FALL OUT BOY?? This news comes perfectly summed up by Matt Dentler at his blog (found via AJ Schnack’s revamped site) as being “really genius or incredibly misinformed”. Hmmm. Indeed. I’m not too sure how I feel about this one. To be fair, I don’t really know anything about Fall Out Boy outside of the album I was forced to listen to CONSTANTLY while working at a mall record store a few years back. Maybe they’ve got some sort of interesting back story? I’m not a huge Metallica fan yet I loved Some Kind of Monster. I just hope the concert element of this documentary is left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps, as a 28 going on 29 year old male who’s somewhat out of touch with this genre of music, it’s MYSELF who’s incredibly misinformed and not Albert. After all, how can millions of pre-teen mallrats be wrong? Will The Documentary Blog end up flooded with comments from black haired, eyeliner wearing Fall Out Boy fans praising Albert for his work and discussing their favourite of the Christo films? Only time will tell.


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