Vice Interviews Werner Herzog

herzog.jpgJust recently I was given the heads about a recent Vice magazine interview with Werner Herzog. I guess he’s doing a press tour for his documentary film ‘Encounters at the End of the World’, however this interview seems to focus mostly on Rescue Dawn. More specifically, the controversy surrounding his re-telling of Dieter Dengler’s amazing story, and the certain liberties he may have taken to bring it to the big screen. Herzog addresses the fact that certain members of Dengler’s family have spoken out against his film:

“I understand that the family of Eugene DeBruin see him differently to the way I see him. That’s their right. It’s absolutely legitimate that they raise their voices and explain that they see him differently. But I think they didn’t get the details that I got from Dieter Dengler (expanded upon in the 1997 documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly). Yes, someone may be unhappy about a character is portrayed…”

I guess it would be tough to sit back as a relative of Dengler’s and watch his story go through some changes, but this is a movie we’re talking about! Herzog has always been very vocal about his ‘ecstatic truth’, in which certain elements of his films (even his documentaries) are fictionalized to represent what a character may have been feeling or experiencing. What do you think? Is Herzog unfairly exploiting Dengler’s story? Or is he simply telling the tale the best way he sees fit?

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