IDA Lists Its Top 25 Documentaries

191704~Thin-Blue-Line-Posters.jpgEverybody loves lists, and documentary film lovers are no different. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the International Documentary Association has just released a list of the 25 best documentaries of all time, and although I agree with most of it, there are a few omissions that surprised me. First off, here’s the list in its entirety:

1. Hoop Dreams
2. The Thin Blue Line
3. Bowling for Columbine
4. Spellbound
5. Harlan County USA
6. An Inconvenient Truth
7. Crumb
8. Gimme Shelter
9. The Fog of War
10. Roger and Me
11. Super Size Me
12. Don’t Look Back
13. Salesman
14. Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance
15. Sherman’s March
16. Grey Gardens
17. Capturing the Friedmans
18. Born into Brothels
19. Titticut Follies
20. Buena Vista Social Club
21. Fahrenheit 9/11
22. Winged Migration
23. Grizzly Man
24. Night and Fog
25. Woodstock

So up front, here’s the films I haven’t seen: Woodstock (ya ya, i’m workin’ on it), Titticut Follies, and Sherman’s March. I was happy to see The Thin Blue Line and Hoop Dreams in the top two, but Bowling For Columbine at #3?? Above Gimme Shelter? Salesman? Hmmm, not impressed there. Even worse is ‘Supersize Me’ at #11. TOTALLY disagree there. Also, I would liked to have seen Vernon, Florida or Gates of Heaven up there. I’m also not thrilled with An Inconvenient Truth’s #6 spot. One glaring omission in my opinion is the lack of love for Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger. Paradise Lost 1 or 2 (I liked 2 better) or Brother’s Keeper would’ve made my list. And as much as some may say it’s fluff, I would’ve liked to have seen American Movie up there. Speaking of my own list, maybe I’ll try and put together the ‘Documentary Blog’s Top 25 Documentary Film List’ over the long weekend. Either way, what do you guys think of the IDA’s list? Any recommendations, omissions, disagreements?

Source: indieWIRE (via Film Junk)