Errol Morris and Werner Herzog to Reunite

herzogmorris.jpgHere’s a feud that I was completely unaware of, which is strange considering it involves two of my favourite documentary filmmakers of all time. Many of you are most likely aware of the story behind Morris’ first film ‘Gates of Heaven’, in which Herzog presented a challenge claiming that if the film was seen through to completion, he would eat his own shoe. Not only was the film finished, but it has become an American classic with heavy support from film critics alike. Most vocally, Roger Ebert has included Gates of Heaven in his top ten films of all time. That’s pretty impressive. As for Herzog’s bet, he ended up boiling and eating his shoe at the world premiere of Morris’ film, with Les Blank documenting the event that would ultimately become the short ‘Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe’. What I DIDN’T know is that apparently Errol Morris wasn’t impressed by this event, seemingly looking at this as grandstanding on the part of Herzog. I guess he simply figured his first world premiere should spotlight his film rather then Herzog’s stunt.

In Kevin MacDonald’s documentary ‘A Brief History of Errol Morris’, Herzog tells a story of Morris becoming upset when Werner decided to shoot his film Stroszek in the same location (Plainfield, Wisconsin) that Morris was conducting interviews with Ed Gein for a future documentary project. I suppose this was the first example of Herzog seemingly stepping on Errol’s toes so to speak. Well according to a post over at Cinematical, the two of them will be reuniting October 22 at the Edie and Lew Wasserman Cinematheque in Massachusetts. The event was organized by a mutual friend Alice Kelikian, a professor and chair of the film studies program at Brandeis University. It looks like it’s an invite only engagement, open to students and special guests. After having seen Herzog speak at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto, i’m certain this will be an entertaining talk. Here’s hoping someone will be capturing it on video.

Source: Cinematical (via)

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