Errol Morris Photo Blog

18morris533.jpgErrol Morris has started a photo blog over at the New York Times, and it’s a pretty interesting read. He plans to contribute a series of essays about photography, starting with his very first entry which asks the question ‘are these photographs true or false?’. The photo in question is that of an ocean liner, with no information provided other than a somewhat banal image. After adding the caption ‘The Lusitania’, the mystery begins to unravel as we slowly learn of the terrible fate which the passengers of this ship, sunk by a German torpedo, endured during the second World War, providing an interesting look at the difference between a photo existing as pure documentation of an image, and one with a story behind it. A simple caption changes the entire meaning. As a huge Morris fan, i’m interested in just about anything he touches, so his future essays should be an equally interesting read as his first. However, he’s contributed only once in just about two weeks, making me feel much better for my own lack of posting here at The Documentary Blog. Either way, check it out at the link below and join in the conversation.