Young @ Heart Documentary Acquired by Fox Searchlight

young@heart.jpgLast month, over on my personal blog, I posted about a group of feisty old folks who go by the name of ‘The Young @ Heart Chorus’. The idea isn’t really anything new; a group of unlikely folks singing covers of songs that play against their type. In this case, seniors taking on tracks from the likes of Sonic Youth, The Ramones, The Clash and…Coldplay! I’d come across some clips of one of their performances and must admit it was unbelievably moving. Upon some digging, I realized that these clips (featured below) were actually taken from a documentary shot for Britain’s Channel 4. Directed by Stephen Walker, the film follows the crew as they prepare for an upcoming performance. A sort of ‘Old School of Rock’ if you will. Here’s a short synopsis:

At an age when most people are either dead or living out their last days in retirement homes, these men and women are up on stage singing their hearts out about the big taboos surrounding old age: about love and sex, loss of youth, loneliness and death. In their mouths, familiar lyrics take on whole new meanings.

After unsuccessfully searching around Google Video for a full length upload of the film, i’m delighted to hear that Fox Searchlight has actually picked up ‘Young @ Heart’ for North American distribution. This is great news for both me and Stephen Walker, as this is the first documentary Searchlight has acquired in ten years! Quite the honour. This news comes to us from MovieWeb, but details are still sparce. As of now there’s no mention of a theatrical release date or dvd plans, so we’ll just have to be patient and see what comes of this. Until then, check out the clips below and let us know what you think.

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Video: Young at Heart Choir sing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay

Video: Young at Heart Choir sing ‘Schizophrenia’ by Sonic Youth