UPDATE: “Prince of Peace, God of War” Finished and Lots of New Equipment Purchased

R40~Jesus-Christ-Posters.jpgThose of you who visit The Documentary Blog on a semi-regular basis may have noticed a lack of posting over the last month or so. Although there really hasn’t been too much news that’s caught my eye as of late, the major reason for my irregular updates is i’ve simply been busy over the last little while. Most recently, i’ve been spending the majority of my time editing a film for my friend John Campea over at The Movie Blog. It’s called ‘The Prince of Peace, God of War’ and takes a look at Christian pacifism versus Christian Just War Theory. It’s been a challenge to say the least, as i’d never edited this much footage based on a topic I essentially knew very little about. However, the film is now finished and I think it turned out pretty good. John’s going to be showing it to some people this Friday, and I’ll be sitting in on one of the screenings. Also, beforehand I’ll be joining him and Doug on ‘The Movie Blog Uncut Live’, so check it out.

As for myself, i’ve also been busy with my own project. I’m still building up my equipment list in preperation for shooting a feature length version of my time travel documentary, ‘Obsessed & Scientific’. I’m pretty close to being set, and hope to do a sort of test run with the camera in the near future. Possibly a short documentary on Niagara Falls, which i’ll get into a little later. I’ve also just recently purchased a ‘Steady Tracker’, which is essentially a poor mans steadicam. I’ve tried it out and it definitely gets the job done. I just don’t know how long my weak arms can hold the HVX mounted on top of that thing. I’ve also recently picked up a new ‘cool’ light, which uses three colour balanced ‘energy saver’ flourescent bulbs. Anyways, that’s about it for now. If you want to keep up with any of my personal stuff, i’m going to be posting in better detail on my new personal blog at www.jaycheel.com. Thanks for sticking with me, and stay tuned for some cool things in the near future.