Danielson: A Family Movie (Audio Review)

danielsonmovie.jpgNow that i’ve gotten into recording some audio reviews for Film Junk, I figured i’d try it out over here at The Documentary Blog. What better way to get things started then with a review of director “>J.L. Aronson’s ‘Danielson: A Family Movie (Or Make a Joyful Noise Here)’. I’ll admit upfront that The Danielson Famile in its many incarnations is one of my favourite musical acts, so my opinion of this film may be a little biased. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Daniel Smith and his family, head over to Sounds Familyre Records and have a look around. While you’re at it, check out the official ‘Danielson: A Family Movie’ website. You can download the review mp3 or listen to the review through ODEO below. Enjoy!


Download mp3 here.

Video: Danielson: A Family Movie Trailer

Video: Danielson: Did I Step On Your Trumpet?