Keeping Busy: Some Documentary Blog In House News

editing.jpgSo I haven’t been posting half as much as i’d like to be in the last little while. There’s a couple of reasons for this: First off, being a blog that specifically deals with documentaries, news can be scarce. I’m not just talking about any old news story regarding documentary films…I mean the type of story that I feel an urge to actually write about. But in those tough times, I usually end up looking for interesting videos on YouTube to throw up here and start some discussion. The main reason for things slowing down is i’ve been sort of busy lately. I’ve taken on an editing job, working with John Campea from The Movie Blog on his documentary ‘The Prince of Peace, The God of War’. Also, i’ll be doing some work on some upcoming episodes of the Versus video podcast over at Film Junk. So things are getting a little tight around here, but I will still post as much as I possibly can. Thanks to everyone who checks out the site on a regular basis and stay tuned for some fun things in the future.