John Titor Project: Production Companies?

rob.jpgSo i’ve been really thinking about this whole idea of going through with a feature version of my student documentary film, Obsessed & Scientific. I’ve written a rough treatment, and i’m pretty positive that it could make an interesting film. I’ve also been thinking about the logistics involved in bringing such a project to life. I’m currenty comfortable in a great job, and i’m looking to buy a house in the next year. How does someone in a position such as this expect to get a film project off of the ground without making some sacrifices? Well fortunately i’m not even close to really having to deal with any of that. I am, however, thinking about production companies. A quick search on the net has left the term ‘we do not accept unsolicited submissions’ on heavy rotation in my mind. Where the hell do I start with this thing? Is it practical to consider shooting some of this on my own dollar? Am I naive to hope to work in 16mm for this film? So many questions! I know there’s some established documentary filmmakers who read this site, so if you’ve gotten this far in the post, perhaps you could share your experiences in getting your projects made. Also, if anyone has a good online resource for documentary production companies that WILL accept treatments, hook me up!