UPDATE: Troy Hurtubise’s Trojan Armour Suit Now For Sale on EBay

0702_1.JPGHere’s an update on a story I posted about last month. Here’s a quick summary for those of you didn’t catch it:

“The man behind the infamous homemade bear protection suit, the creation of which was documented in Peter Lynch’s NFB film ‘Project Grizzly’, has unveiled a new project called ‘Trojan’, the “first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour.” After going bankrupt thanks to his bear suit, Troy has put in another 15,000 dollars, working out of his North Bay, Ontario home on this new idea that he hopes will gain the attention of the military and police.”

Well it looks like Troy’s ‘Trojan’ suit wasn’t the hot seller he’d hoped it would be. Troy is not only selling the full suit of body armour, but the actual rights to his ‘Shadow Armour’ invention. Here’s what the auction says:

Though the armor built specifically for the Trojan, named Shadow Armor, in not present throughout the suit, it is being sold with the suit for the buyer to reproduce at will. The Armor is a level three light/hard armor that weighs a mere 26 ounces per square foot and is a mere 2/8 of an inch thick. The successful bidder will own full rights to the formula, a sample piece, layering system and materials used. The successful bidder will have exclusive rights to the “Shadow Armor” alone, but Mr. Troy Hurtubise will retain the right to reproduce the exoskeleton of the Trojan suit itself. Meaning, if Troy Hurtubise wishes to make further Trojan suits in the future, he may do so. Mr. Troy Hurtubise will not, however, have the right to reproduce the armor called Shadow Armor or reproduce the formula bought by the successful bidder. Mr. Troy Hurtubise will have to invent an altogether new armor.

So he has to start from scratch again?? Man, this guy just doesn’t give up. He’s got the determination of a Northern Ontario white tailed fox. There is an interesting disclaimer at the end of the auction, stating that the suit is “Being sold as memorobelia and costume paraphanelia only. Mr. Troy Hurtubise accepts no liability whatsoever for injuries incurred using the Trojan Suit, shield or armour for anything other than a costume setting”. Maybe that’s why the military wasn’t interested? As I write this post there’s seven days left in the auction with an impressive 15 bids, sitting at $5,100. (Reserve not yet met) So for those of you planning on having the coolest Halloween costume next year (it even comes with a kickass shield!), or anyone interested in owning a great piece of Canadiana, start bidding! Maybe someone will pick up the suit and put together a sweet Robocop fan film. We can only hope.

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