The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez

idfa 2000 video diary.jpgBeing a fan of horror films, i’ve had many discussions with friends about which films had the best scares or creepiest moments. If you were to ask me what was the creepiest thing i’d ever seen on film, the first would be the process of natural human birth. Gross and weird. The second, would be famed Bjork stalker Ricardo Lopez’s video diary. I remember seeing clips of this thing on some talk show years ago (see end of this post), and I just couldn’t get the images out of my mind. Lopez, an obsessed 21 year old Bjork fan from Florida, shot over 20 hours of video footage of himself gradually losing his mind, confessing his love for Bjork, all the while constructing an acid bomb that he would later send to her in the mail. (eventually intercepted by authorities) One day after his birthday, Lopez begins some sort of unusual ritual, shaving his head and eyebrows and painting his head. This is something you just have to see. You’re gauranteed to get chills up your spine as you watch a man who’s lost his mind sitting alone in his apartment, making scary faces at the video camera. Eventually, having thought that his plan of killing Bjork was now in place, Lopez shoots himself on video. Pretty crazy stuff. I’d thought this would make an interesting documentary, and as it turns out…it has! ‘The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez’ was released in 1999 by director Sami Saif. Produced in Denmark, the film edits down the 20 hours of video into a tight 70 minutes or so, in an attempt to somewhat humanize Lopez by focusing on his troubled rants rather then the more sensational approach taken by the mainstream media. I’ve now made it my mission to track this film down, so if anyone has any info, leave a comment! Until then, check out the video below…a short piece from the special that originally introduced me to this story.