Spike Jonze Shows Us What It’s Like ‘Being Al Gore’

1770692_10.jpgI’ve always been a big fan of the work of Spike Jonze. I don’t even have to mention the brilliance of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, but I will. And of course there’s the music videos and commercials, (Check out this Gap commercial, one of his best.) and his involvement in the Jackass tv show/movies, which shows that even Oscar nominated directors don’t have to take themselves too seriously. A while ago i’d picked up Palm Picture’s ‘The Work of Director Spike Jonze’, a volume of their great ‘Directors Label’ series, spanning the work of influential music video directors such as Michel Gondry and Mark Romanek. Along with some great music videos, the DVD also featured some interesting bonus features, including a short documentary that Jonze had shot in 1998 called ‘Amarillo by Morning’. It’s my understanding that this film was actually shot for commercial segments, but is featured in its entirety on the DVD. It was a great little film that featured young rodeo wannabe cowboys from the south. Well upon searching for the film on YouTube, I discovered something pretty interesting. It turns out Jonze was actually commissioned to film a campaign video for Al Gore during his run for President in 2000, and the final video is up on YouTube in two parts. Here’s what Jonze had to say about the film in an interview with Wholphindvd:

“I suggested that what I could offer would be to simply go down and get my impressions of Al Gore. And I just went with my video camera by myself, and just tried to gather, in a small unobtrusive way, a sort of video portrait- a day in the life, just to get to know who he is.”

According to the header, it looks as though the video wasn’t used, but it’s still a cool look at the personal life of Al Gore during his campaign process. It’s funny to think that Gore considered Jonze for this video. Maybe he saw his inteview with Fat Lip and was impressed? Check out the unseen Al Gore Campaign video below.