Young, Fast & Scientific: Episode 3, ‘Florida’

yfsepisode3postpicture.jpgWelcome to episode three of The Documentary Blog’s ongoing podcast series, ‘Young, Fast & Scientific’! This week I talk about our trip to Florida and our interview with Larry Haber, an entertainment lawyer who claims to be representing the family of John Titor, a supposed time traveller. Things get interesting when Larry presents us with a letter written by John Titor’s Mother, claiming to contain evidence of the existence of her son and his mission from the future. Things also get a little interesting when me and the crew run into a roadblock at a Florida airport. Go ahead and check out Young, Fast & Scientific: Episode 3, ‘Florida’. Click on the link below to download the mp3. Enjoy!

Download ‘Young, Fast & Scientific: Episode 3, Florida’

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I’ve added two videos below as a companion piece to this podcast. The first is a deleted scene from my interview with Larry Haber. The second is the early ‘teaser trailer’ i did for Obsessed & Scientific. It features some footage that didn’t end up in the final film. Enjoy!

Larry Haber Deleted Scene

Teaser Trailer

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