“It’s like you’ve got a serial killer living next door, and no one will believe you!”

alex.jpgHey guys. So here’s a quick update on some of my personal projects. I’ve began researching a topic that i’ve sort of become obsessed with as of late. (as some readers of this blog may be aware of) Although i’m not really convinced that the majority of the 9/11 conspiracy theories hold any water, I do find the whole thing very interesting. There are people out there that have dedicated their lives to uncovering the ‘truth’ behind the September 11th terrorist attacks. Organizations such as www.911truth.org are convinced that there’s something the government isn’t telling us. While some of their claims are a bit of a stretch, they do raise some interesting questions. But i’ll tell you right now, i’m not interested in an investigative report in regards to what ‘really’ happened on 9/11. I’m simply interested in the people doing the reporting. What does it feel like to truly believe that your own government had a hand in one of the most horrible terrorist attacks in history? Just the idea of sitting down with some of these folks and picking their brains would be great. Something along the lines of the early films of Errol Morris. Think Gates of Heaven or Vernon, Florida. No investigations, no attempts at finding the truth, no news footage of the towers…simply listening to interesting people discuss unpopular theories passionately.

I do have my eye on a few possible interview subjects at the time being. Hopefully down the road i’ll be able to figure out what exactly I want to do with this and be able to start making some contacts. And then of course there’s the money. We’ll see how this one goes.