Documentary Filmmakers To Tackle Enumclaw Horse Sex Case

update_horsesexdoc.jpgThink Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is the scariest documentary to come out in a very long time? Think again. Charles Mudede and Robinson Devor, the filmmaking team behind the crime drama Police Beat, are starting production this month on a documentary that covers the unsettling and disturbing subject of the Enumclaw horse sex case. That is, the story of the middle-aged man who died from a perforated colon after having sexual relations with a horse on a farm in rural Enumclaw, outside of Seattle. Police investigations later found that this farm was offering a variety of unthinkable services for people who enjoyed the “company” of barnyard animals. The movie, titled In the Forest There is Every Kind of Bird, will attempt to put a serious and thoughtful spin on the topic a la Grizzly Man; although I have to wonder if this might be reaching a bit too far. Can they really make us identify with someone who indulges in a little bestiality on the side? More importantly, do we really want to identify with such a person? I am curious, but I’m not sure if I’m that curious. There is also reportedly videotape footage of the incident in question along with many other goings-on at the farm, although I certainly hope the filmmakers refrain from using it. The movie is aiming for a 2007 Sundance premiere, we’ll have more as it develops.

Source: Cinematical

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